Our Rooms

Baby Room

In our baby room, we provide our babies with a safe rich environment full of stimulating activities for them to explore.

We welcome babies from three months old and they stay in this room until around 18 months old, or until they are confident on their feet to move to the Toddler room. Bright Stars works with our families to provide a nurturing and supportive environment, where we follow your child’s home routine. At Bright Stars, we understand that leaving your baby for the first time is such an emotional step and we aim to make this smooth as possible.

The babies are given sensory experiences to nurture their learning and development, carefully planned and considered around their interests.

After each session a child attends we send the daily care plan through ‘Tapestry’ a secure software package that enables parents to view their child’s day with us

Toddler Room

Continuing on from the baby room, our Toddler room offers sensory experiences and encourages the children to begin to be independent in their play.

Offering resources and opportunities for children aged 18 months (can be dependent of the individual child) until approximately 2 and a half.

We use our outdoor play area throughout the day to support children’s curiosity and inspire their learning and development

Nursery Room

The children in the nursery room are starting to become independent, learning to take turns and make choices.

We provide challenging and exciting experiences over a large outdoor area and large playroom. We aim to provide children with the tools and environment to create a fun, imaginative and stimulating atmosphere.

Every child’s development is unique and complex, and we strive to develop the best outcomes for each individual child, we carefully plan and support each child’s learning based around their interests and development.

Pre-School Room

Once children start Pre-school we encourage them over the year to develop their independent’s and school readiness.

We endeavour to prepare and support the children through the transition to school by: learning routines, setting boundaries and encouraging positive behaviour. The social and emotional development of the child plays a vital role helping the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

We provide the tools to enable your child to learn about mathematics and literacy for example:  through games, reading stories and visual aids.

The Pre-school have access to our exciting outside area, where they can have fun exploring and taking risks.